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Terms and Conditons - Design Support

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Design Support

  1. 'Design Support' covers problems or difficulties encountered when using any website, pages, forms, etc., created by inGenius Africa Limited. Specifically, this would include: pages/images failing to load, pages/images not loading correctly, and forms not working. For ecommerce sites design support also includes product, basket, checkout, newsletter aspects etc. not working correctly.
  2. Design Support does not include sites or pages apparently loading slowly (this is very dependent upon the site content, the browser used, the computer, and the Internet connection), nor does it include any guarantees or promises with respect to search engine ranking or placement.
  3. Design Support does not include correcting any changes made by the client (or their representatives) to the site, unless such changes have been made using software set-up directly by inGenius Africa Limited. Such corrections will form part of the available updates or redesign work.
  4. Support is not offered or intended to be offered on a 24/7 basis; nevertheless, inGenius Africas Limited will strive to respond as soon as is practicable to any problems or difficulties covered by our design support.
  5. In some instances a temporary solution may be applied until the problem can be satisfactorily resolved. If the problem or difficulty lies directly or indirectly with a Third Party or Third party software, then inGenius Africa Limited will do its very best to solve the problem, but unfortunately no guarantees can be made as this is entirely under the control of the appropriate Third Party.
  6. Design support does not include making changes to any web design other than to solve problems as detailed above. Such changes would however form part of any available updates or redesign work.
  7. Design work carried out in excess of agreed updates, will be charged at 95% of the list price for the first year. No design work will be carried out on this basis without first seeking the client's approval as to the extent and likely cost. In some circumstances an initial deposit may be required.

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